project 1


Artist Name: Piet Mondrian

Title: Tableau No. 2/Composition No. VII

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 41 3/8 x 45 inches (105.1 x 114.3 cm)


What is the artwork Degree of Representation and why? his palette of close-valued ocher and gray tones looks like Cubist canvases because he was inspired by Paris paintings

What are the Elements of Design used? Texture and Colour also shape

What are the Principles of Organization used? proportion/scale and contrast

How are the Elements of Design and Principles of Organization used? its used so the picture/artwork could look better also feel like it belongs in the artwork

Is the work harmonic, chaotic, energetic, melancholic, etc… Why? i feel as the artwork is chaotic in way because the artwork is just out there not in a pattern but all together, i guess not seeing the big picture behind what this means

Can you identify a focal point? yes i do it is a part where its not outlined as well as the others and also bigger and a different shape then the rest

Does the work convey depth? i feel as though the art does not have depth

Describe how the artist visually achieved or not these characteristics in the composition.       the artist seems to have achieved his characteristics In the artwork and he did it buy making all the shapes and the colors as well


Does the design achieve the proposed content (and subject matter)? Why and how? yes because people would get the message of the artwork. If people think god enough they will understand the meaning

What is the strongest aspect of the design?  the artwork way it looks like you could almost touch it

What is the weakest aspect of the design?  the organization of where the squares or rectangles are located
Should anything be deleted?  no
Should anything be repeated? nope
Can the project be strengthened conceptually? How? yes add more ideas to it
Can the project be strengthened technically? How?  yes it could if the artist were to expand the center area or the squares